Your Membership

Chicago Northwest Suburban members feel we benefit greatly through our membership.

On the International Level...
 Continuing legacy of our Founders (operating fee)
 Maintaining a professional fraternity (operating fee)
 Receiving To Dragma publication (one of the best in its category)
 Training volunteers to be successful in their roles (education and training fee)
 Preserving the history of AOII (archival fee)
 Helping sisters in need access resources (Foundation fee)
 Access to sisters and fraternity through variety of communication channels (technology fee)

On the Local Level...
 Representing our voice on a national level (Convention fee)
 Networking opportunities within community (general expenses)
 Social events within community (general expenses)
 Philanthropic opportunities within community  (general expenses)
 Founders’ Day celebration (Chicago Area Council fee)
 State Day educational opportunities (Chicago Area Council fee)
 Coordinated support of collegiate chapters (Chicago Area Council fee)

Outside AOII...
 Participation in one of the strongest Panhellenic groups in the US

 Wonderful friendships
 Opportunities to grow and expand your experiences
 A support system